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Audi Finance

Lomond Audi is dedicated to offering the complete range of services to motorists in and around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Ayr. This includes being able to offer full advice on financing the purchase of a new car.

A team of experienced and knowledgeable business experts will explain the complete range of options in plain English, ensuring that motorists are fully aware of the payment plans and different leasing options available. Many Audi financial packages can be tailored according the specific needs of the motorist, thus ensuring that rates are affordable and manageable.

What Audi Finance Option is Right For You

If you are buying your car for personal use, there are two options: Solutions or hire purchase.

With Solutions, also know as Personal Contract Hire (PCP), your regular repayments are fixed. You defer the repayment of a portion of the car’s current value until the end of the agreement, so that your repayments are lower than the hire purchase option. This enables you to get a higher specification model, or reduce your outgoings. You can also choose to buy your Audi at the end of the agreement – either in cash or by refinancing the remaining amount.

Hire purchase works slightly differently. You simply put down a deposit and the remaining balance is divided equally over the term of the loan. It’s ideal if you want ownership of the car. You can also choose longer repayment periods – up to 60 months.


  • After deciding which Audi you want, choose a repayment period and estimated annual mileage  
  • We’ll agree to defer a portion of the car’s value. This then becomes your optional final payment 
  • Based on the deposit you choose to put down, which could be as low as one repayment in advance, we’ll work out your regular fixed repayments

 At the end of the agreement you’ll have the freedom to choose from 3 options*:

 Option 1 - Part-exchange your Audi for another one and start a new Solutions agreement

 Option 2 - Pay the optional final payment and own your Audi

 Option 3 - Hand back your Audi, with no further payment

 When it comes to the end of the agreement, contact your Audi Centre and they’ll be happy to discuss your options.

 *Subject to payment of the option to purchase fee.

Hire Purchase

  • You choose the repayment period and monthly payment to suit your budget 
  • You’ll pay an initial deposit (typically 10%) which signals the start of your agreement
  • The remaining finance will then be equally divided over the term of the agreement and fixed
  • After the last payment has been made (including the option to purchase fee) you will then own your Audi

Lease Purchase (LP – LCP)

Lease Purchase is a flexible payment plan designed with business users in mind. It offers a typically lower monthly rate than a Hire Purchase agreement, and you become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the term. For businesses that are not VAT-registered, Lease Purchase can be an attractive option:

• Flexible annual mileage

• Flexible monthly payment to suit your budget

• At the end of the agreement, you pay the outstanding balance and become

the owner of the vehicle

Contract Hire

The ideal plan for business customers, Contract Hire could not only help to cut down on paperwork, expenses and time, it may also allow you to reclaim the VAT*:

• No eventual ownership

• Fixed-term rental over a period to suit individual needs

Finance Lease

With a Finance Lease plan, you could enjoy certain tax advantages. Finance Lease may enable you to reclaim some of the VAT* on the vehicle or fleet-leasing programme over their chosen term:

• Agreed maximum annual mileage

• Agreed monthly payments to suit your budget

• At the end of the agreement, you can arrange to sell the vehicle to a third party on behalf

of Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited and may receive a rebate on the rentals

*VAT benefits may be available to businesses but restrictions apply.

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For further details on financing a new Audi with Lomond Audi, call in to your local centre in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling or Ayr today.

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